Africa University owns a mixed enterprise farm, adjacent to the campus, which is operated somewhat autonomously. Whilst the farm is expected to be a commercially viable enterprise, it offers to the University facilities for research by staff, graduate students and undergraduate honors students. It also serves as a demonstration farm and offers indispensable training facilities for both undergraduate and graduate students, and for farmers under the University's outreach Programmes. Produce from the farm is sold to the University Food Services Department, to staff and to the local community.

On the cropping side, arable cultivated land amounts to 100 hectares, 20 of which are under sprinkler irrigation. Maize, soybeans, winter wheat, sorghum, sugar beans and vegetables are among some of the crops grown. In addition, there are greenhouses, plots with fruit trees and agro-forestry lots. The livestock section comprises a small dairy herd, a 20-sow pig unit, a 6000 capacity layer unit, an 8000 capacity broiler unit, a small goat herd, and a fishery unit.

The farm operates a fleet of tractors and a complement of implements and machinery needed for the cropping program and for the processing and provision of feed to the livestock.

Over the years, the farm has and continues to receive generous donations from the University.s well-wishers and supporters.