B.Sc. Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers a 3 Year undergraduate programme leading to the award of either a general or honours Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources, (B. Sc.) Agribusiness Management and (B.Sc.) Natural Resources Management. Areas of specialization in the (B.Sc.) degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources are Animal Production, Crop Production, Food and Human Nutrition, Horticulture and Irrigation and Water Management. In the (B.Sc.) Natural Resources Management areas of specialization are Wildlife Management and Aquaculture and Fisheries Management.

B.Sc. Natural Resources Management
The B.Sc. in Natural Resources is a three-year program that seeks to respond to the growing challenges of environmental degradation and food security; effects of habitat fragmentation on wildlife and fisheries; effects of agro-chemicals on ecosystems; environmental consequences of tourism, mining, urbanization; desertification and methods of control; Wildlife/protected area design, planning and management; Water resource protection and management; Human population dynamics and land use changes; Environmental impact assessment and sustainable development. The degree programme is designed such that at the end of the first two years students are required to choose specialization courses in Environmental Management or Wildlife and Fisheries Management.

B. Sc. Agribusiness Management
This degree program is intended to provide students with the necessary background in basic agricultural production, economics, production economics, principles of management of an agribusiness, finance, money markets, marketing issues for agricultural products and sets these in a policy framework, labour and labour markets in agriculture and investment issues surrounding agriculture. The course is geared to enable students to manage an agribusiness enterprise or to start their own business.

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resources